Jessica Kahawaty جيسيكا

Sydney, Australia  

♌️ 27 JULY: it’s my brother’s birthday!!! @jk_727 how could I even do life without you? My wise, creative, hilarious and kind-hearted Julien. You are an old, gentle soul, see things from another dimension, never fail to make us laugh and most importantly you have a pure, white heart that everybody loves. All those who meets you fall in love with you and can’t fault you even if they tried. I am so proud of the person you are. I love you. Happy 26th birthday 🎂 عيد سعيد لأخي. بحبك اد الدنيا كلها

Look deeper. 
Using the new @givenchybeauty Volume Disturbia Mascara and Phenomen’eyes Liner

Hi 👋🏼 A quick 3 day pit stop in London for work. Can’t wait to share it all 😌📸🇬🇧 #ComingSoon 
لندن لمدة ٣ أيام لتصوير شي جديد!
Makeup @lifeofkellydawn Hair @haircraigmarsden
7:17pm 🇬🇷
A calm Sunday 🦋
Meet these incredible silver slippers  @jimmychoo
Sardinia with my @unicef family 🌼
In @miumiu dress & @chopard jewels. 
Thank you @unicef_mena @unicefitalia @luisaviaroma for reminding an industry filled with noise the importance of giving back to the most vulnerable and neglected in the world we share.
Lest we forget 🥀
Jessica Dundee. One with nature. Check my instastories to see our afternoon at the Koala Sanctuary in Sydney 🦘🐨 شو مهضومين الكوالا والكنغرو
How to speak with an Australian accent: “Scuze me, thez a lehpad in mai backyaad mate” 🐆 🇦🇺
إذا بدكن تحكوا بلهجة استرالية، اقرأوا الجملة 😄
#AustralianAccent #Australia
A little touch of heavenly light 🌞 غروب الشمس
Song: Breath of life by Florence and The Machine
Sat outside for 30 mins watching the clouds and sunset. It’s winter, 14 degrees, crisp air. Enjoying the silence with birds chirping in agreeance to my solitude. But it is the crows demanding attention. Loud. Cawing. Ruining the moment. And then I realised in the words of Hermann Hesse, that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself. #HermannHesse #SelfishCrows #GreatSunset 😄
Black Monday 🖤💭
To infinity & beyond ♾ 
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