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@mathieulehanneur’s Inverted Gravity Collection was unveiled earlier this year during Art Basel. Through this innovative, poetic, floating #furniture collection, Lehanneur has drawn inspiration from the International Space Station (ISS) and executed the result in a most stunning fashion. \\\ more on

@kblawson03: @buoyantnyc

@philkeankitchens: Love it! 💕 Abstract Furniture of Nike Vapormax. Approved 😎 ✔️

@danielzd: @rodrigomarinbriceno

@ernstgypsy: @anrichl

@krnkev: Damn! So creative!

@emilie.lemardeley: These are wonderful!

@paxsonfay: 🖤🖤

@buoyantnyc: @kblawson03 yeah that’s a beauty for sure

@_groupn: Simply stunning 🙌🙌🙌

@another_a_r_t_i_s_t: Love this 😍😍😍

@sally_bridge_studio: Gorgeous!!

@nihalshahdesign: Oh wow!!!!!

@stylishlyzen: This is soooo cool! 🖤

@sophie.claffey: @lukejrabl ... beautiful

@polilam: I need one of these! 💫

@geminirene: Stunning

@yersuayca: @_hanzadegungoren_

@troja_innovation: Very nice & stylish

@_bashar.saba_: I love this idea

@belis_focalidemiray: @ersindemiray

@tsaryak: ✨✨✨✨ Просто крутизна дикая🔥🔥🔥🔥

@minebent: 🤯

@garimanaidu: @debasmita_g

@debasmita_g: @garimanaidu oohhhkkk , i am scared looking at it . Btw it looks amazing. 😊 Thank you for sharing

@garimanaidu: @debasmita_g why scared?

@debasmita_g: @garimanaidu just wondering how is that thin looking glass taking the weight of such heavy stone top.

@garimanaidu: @debasmita_g I assume it's Corian or someother hollow material.

@claerira: 😍

@carlagneila: @santiago_hermosin @isaki50 ❤️

@hales.bty: LOVE

@robertogilvie4211: That's hot!

@caspercalifornia: Awesome 🧡

@redesignhealthcare: wow👍🏼💕

@brahme: 🔥 @jasjowett

@lajsens: @mawcreativespace

@mawcreativespace: @lajsens unbelievable 💕

@lajsens: @mawcreativespace I know! Can you see it’s our stone in the last image? :D